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Latest Bennifer sighting: buying a new truck

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For car salesman Greg Stanley, it started as a call like many other phone calls he gets at work: A man asking for a Dodge Ram pickup truck, with four-wheel drive.

OK, sure. We've got some on the lot. Name please?

"Ben Affleck."

Yeah, right. "And my name is George Bush," Stanley thought to himself Thursday.

He bit his tongue and treated the customer with respect, though.

Sure enough, Affleck AND Jennifer Lopez showed up in a black Range Rover, followed by a small army of photographers: "I thought to myself, 'Both of them. Wow,' " Stanley said.

He said the actors asked a lot of questions about the truck and took a short test drive on the lot, but there was very little haggling over the vehicle's $37,000 sticker price.

At one point, Affleck turned to Lopez and asked whether she liked the color — black — and the options. She said she did.

The deal was done, and the Hollywood stars were on their way.