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Paint-filled balloons are fired at illusionist

SHARE Paint-filled balloons are fired at illusionist

Police arrested a man Friday who used a catapult to launch paint-filled balloons at the plastic box that holds street illusionist David Blaine dangling near the River Thames in London.

A 28-year-old London man was charged with criminal damage after he fired several balloons filled with pink paint at Blaine's box from a nearby upper window, hitting his target at least once, police said.

The alleged assault was the latest in string of attacks; the New York magician has been pelted with eggs, golf balls and insults as he attempts to live for 44 days in a glass box suspended by a crane near Tower Bridge.

Blaine has been asked to pay for the cost of policing his endurance attempt since the numbers of people coming to see — and hurl abuse — at him have escalated.