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Police hunt clues in death of woman

SHARE Police hunt clues in death of woman

Police have identified the woman whose body was found along I-70.

A motorist spotted the body of Althea Lynne Maddox, 40, Wednesday at approximately 7:30 a.m. on I-70, 14 miles south of Richfield.

Maddox, who also might have the last name Hunter, is from the St. Louis area but how she ended up in a heap on the side of the freeway remains a mystery, Sevier County Sheriff's Capt. Delbert Lloyd said.

The Utah State medical examiner found no evidence that Maddox had been shot, stabbed or beaten and determined her death was caused by blunt force trauma to the head, Lloyd said.

"The medical examiner's ruling, as they told me, is her head hit the asphalt, and that is the cause of death," Sevier County Sheriff Phil Barney said.

"She came out of a moving vehicle," Lloyd said. "Other than that it's all speculation. She obviously was with someone, but we have no idea who at this point."

Investigators also are unclear where Maddox had come from and where she was heading. The car she was traveling in had been heading east on I-70, Lloyd said. Police have obtained surveillance videos from several gas stations and convenience stores between Mesquite, Nev., and the site where Maddox's body was found, but reviewing those will take several weeks, Lloyd said.

Utah investigators also have been in touch with police and the media in Missouri in an attempt to turn up clues into the woman's mysterious death.

Maddox's parents are deceased, and police have had trouble tracking down her brother, Lloyd said.

The woman had a prior criminal record, but Lloyd declined to discuss any details. Maddox had lived in Missouri but was not reported missing in that state, Sevier County Sheriff Phil Barney said.

Maddox was found lying with her feet and part of her legs on the freeway's shoulder, and the rest of her body on a grassy area beyond the shoulder, Barney said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Sevier County Sheriff's Office at 435-896-2614.