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Prayer unlocked convert’s future

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PERTH, Australia — Rozina Graham of the Heathridge Ward, Warwick Western Australia Stake knows that blessings sought through prayer often require work, effort and diligence on our part, but with the power of prayer, we can achieve miracles.

Sister Graham grew up in a traditional non-Christian Chinese household in Hong Kong and did not know anything about the act of prayer until she was sent to a parochial elementary school. It was here that she first learned of God and the means of communicating with God through poetic prayer.

"When I was about 14 years old, I met a schoolmate who was a Latter-day Saint. My friend was a good person and I asked her to take me to her church so that I could see for myself. Soon there were two missionaries telling me how Joseph Smith prayed to God and that God and Jesus Christ then appeared to him."

She was challenged by the missionaries to go home and read the Book of Mormon and to pray about it. "It was the first time in my life that I was asked to open my mouth to pray to God like I would talk with another person."

It was through the power of prayer that Sister Graham gained her own witness of the truth of the Book of Mormon and the truth of all the things the missionaries had been teaching her. Sister Graham then had a strong desire to be baptized. Even without her family's support, she attended Church faithfully and was baptized eight months later.

Sister Graham, then a junior secretary in a British-owned company, secretly desired more education "I prayed to Heavenly Father and again asked him for another miracle in my life. I promised Him that if I could somehow go to BYU, then I would serve an honorable mission."

Sister Graham had the faith, but not the finances, so she found two more part-time jobs and worked very hard to save up the money. "It took me almost two years to save up enough for just one semester's tuition plus boarding costs, and I was then accepted at BYU Hawaii campus."

The next obstacle was obtaining a student visa from the American Consulate in Hong Kong which was very difficult at the time. "A young woman from my ward tried five times before she gave up, and another one succeeded on her tenth attempt. I knew I had the grades, but I did not have enough money for the full four years; neither did my parents. I prayed and fasted. The American Consulate signed me a five-year visa without even reviewing my finances. It was purely a miracle!"

Sister Graham was able to study at BYU and she did serve a faithful mission.

"Prayer is not so much something we believe; prayer is something we live!" she said.