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Speak English, everyone

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I didn't come to America to learn Spanish! America is the land of golden opportunities, the melting pot of the world with freedom of religion, freedom of speech and so much more. That's what makes this country great.

I have lived in Salt Lake since 1963 when my family emigrated legally from Sweden. None of us spoke English, but we all knew it was our responsibility to learn. I remember starting school, sixth grade, having a wonderful teacher who would draw and/or write the lesson on the blackboard so maybe I could understand a little. I remember the girl next to me being German and translating from English to German, me answering her in Swedish and she in turn translating that back into English for the teacher. Somehow we all survived.

All of the immigrants came here searching for a better life, fully understanding that English is the spoken language. Never did we expect the Americans to learn Swedish, German, Polynesian or any other language.

I now go to the doctor's office and right next to the English announcements are announcements in Spanish. I find Spanish ads in the grocery store, the restaurants and on local commercials. Even the phone company hires Spanish-speaking people to take care of the Spanish community. What about the Scandinavians, the Europeans, the rest of the world?

It is time for Salt Lake to take back the English language.

Marianne Spencer

Salt Lake City