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GOSPEL TRUTHS FROM THE BOOK OF MORMON, by Val Chadwick Bagley (children's flap book), Covenant, 14 pages, $13.95. Using individual LDS gospel principles, such as baptism, choose the right, prayer and courage, Bagley tells brief Book of Mormon stories, complete with his colorful illustrations.

EMERGENCY ESSENTIALS: TIPS FOR PREPAREDNESS, compiled by Larry Barkdull, Shadow Mountain, 132 pages, $14.95. The latest of many LDS books that suggest ways families can be physically prepared for emergencies by storing food and other essentials.

THIRTY DAYS TO A HEALTHIER FAMILY, by Peggy Hughes, Deseret Book, 198 pages, $12.95 (paperback). The author offers health tips, recipes, snack ideas and physical-fitness activities, as well as practical ways to get a family on the track to healthy living.

TIMELESS MOMENTS, by Michele Ashman Bell, Covenant, 312 pages, $14.95 (paperback). In this novel, Paige St. Claire is trying to rebuild her life after a battle with breast cancer when she stumbles upon the MIA/POW bracelet she wore as a teenager. She begins to wonder if the soldier ever made it home.

HOW MANY ROADS? VOL. ONE OF HEARTS OF THE CHILDREN, by Dean Hughes, Bookcraft, 467 pages, $22.95. Dean Hughes starts a new series with this novel centering on LDS families during the 1960s and '70s.

VERNAL PROMISES, by Jack Harrell, Signature, 342 pages, $18.95 (paperback). An LDS novel focusing on Jacob Dennison, who struggles with alternate voices in his life until he realizes the one that counts is the one that speaks from within.

TALES FROM THE BYU SIDELINES, by Brad Rock (Deseret News sports columnist), Sports Publishing, 181 pages, $19.95. This nonfiction book unveils the characters behind the helmets and the details behind the big plays in Brigham Young University's sports history, including stories about a number of sports legends.

HOUSE OF ISRAEL, VOL. TWO: LAND DIVIDED, by Robert Marcum, Covenant, 456 pages, $22.95. In 1947, Hannah Daniels and her husband, Ephraim, an LDS couple, have made Palestine their home in this second novel in the series, an epic story of a family struggling in a country divided by religion and politics.

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