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Showing at local galleries

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Chapman Library (577 S. 900 West, 525-8285) — "Works by Jimmy Lucero" through Nov. 22. Public reception Saturday, Oct. 11, from 2-3:30 p.m.

Lamplight Art Gallery (163 S. Main, Bountiful, 298-0290) — Art by Connie Neylan through October. Artist's reception Friday, Oct. 10, from 6-9 p.m.

Sweet Branch Library (455 F St.) — "Sonoran Desert: Black & White Photography by G. Vernon Sears" through Nov. 8. Public reception Thursday evening from 6:30-8:30.


Eccles Community Art Center (2580 Jefferson Ave., Ogden, 392-6935) — Main Gallery: Paintings by Meri DeCaria and John Collins through October. Carriage House Gallery: Art by Nora Del Murdock through Nov. 1. Opening reception for both exhibits tonight from 6:30-9:30.


Denver Art Museum (13th Avenue and Acoma, Denver, 720-865-5000) — "El Greco to Picasso from The Phillips Collection" through Jan. 4, 2004.


16th Street Gallery (1299 E. 4500 South, 263-1460) — Works by gallery artists: Philip Barlow, Robert Call, G. Russell Case, Linda Curley, Laurel Hart, Shanna Kunz, Chris Miles, Elva Malin, Robert McFarland, Randall Lake, Ian Ramsey, Mary Ann Free Smith and others.

A Gallery (4878 S. Highland, 277-8401) — "Traveling . . . Explorations of a Wandering Mind," featuring paintings by Brent A. Godfrey, through Sept. 30.

Anderson-Foothill Branch Library (1135 S. 2100 East) — "Oils and Pastels by Janz Art Studio," featuring work by Jan Faught, through Oct. 30.

Art Barn/Finch Lane Gallery* (54 Finch Lane, 596-5000) — "Clay for the Masses," featuring large ceramic pieces in a juried exhibition, through Nov. 7.

Art Barn/Park Lane Gallery* (54 Finch Lane, 596-5000) — "Enterprising Artists," featuring student art from the 8th Annual Artspace Institute of Art and Imagination exhibition, through Nov. 7.

Art Access (339 W. Pierpont, 328-0703) — "After the Tree Has Fallen: Recent Works and Collaborations by Alex Caldiero and Frank McEntire" through Oct. 10.

Bingham Gallery (1074 E. 2100 South, 832-9220) — Specializes in artwork by American artists of the past 100 years, with special emphasis on Maynard Dixon. Also seen are Claude Buck, Stuart Davis, Severin Roesen and Robert Henri.

Children's Library (Main Library, 210 E. 400 South, 524-8200) — "Photography by Sean Snow," featuring photos of chemical reactions using a high-powered microscope, through Oct. 11.

Cynthia Oliver Glass Art Studio (1600 E. Stratford Ave.) — Glass artwork by Cathy Cartwright, Lea Erickson, Shari Higbee, Cynthia Oliver and Steve Walton.

David Ericson Fine Art* (418 S. 200 West, 533-8245) — Works by Randall Lake, Brian Kershisnik, Dennis Smith and early Utah art.

Day-Riverside Branch Library (1575 W. 1000 North, 524-828 — "Teapot — My Vessel to the Artworld: Ceramic Works by Victoria E. Acoba" through Nov. 14. Artist reception Saturday, Oct. 18, from 3:30-5:30 p.m.

Don Brady Drive Thru Gallery (1301 S. 2100 East, 582-4300) — Art by Tom Judd through September.

E Street Gallery (82 E St., 359-2979) — "Dreaming," featuring art by Lynn Farrar, through Oct. 16.

Evergreen Framing Co. and Gallery (3295 S. 2000 E.) — Art from gallery artists through Oct. 31.

Forum Gallery (511 W. 200 South, 521-5999) — Watercolors and acrylics by Sally Howe Rosenblatt through Oct. 11.

F. Weixler Gallery (132 E St., 1-801-534-1014) — Works by Valoy Eaton, Harrison Groutage, Kimball Warren, Karl Thomas, Dennis Smith and others.

Gallery 8 (150 S. 600 East) — Exhibit with Utah painters, jewelers, photographers and fabric artists.

Gallery at Library Square (Main Library, 210 E. 400 South, 524-8200) — "In Bright Array (Library Accessories)," featuring wearable accessories by Gayle Broadbent-Ferris, and "Signs and Wonders," featuring paintings by Marilyn Read. Both exhibits run through Oct. 11.

Halles Gallery (814 E. 100 South, 243-0043) — Shawn Rossiter's paintings of Tuscany and Venice through Oct. 4.

Hallside Gallery (50 N. Medical Drive, U. Hospital, 587-3435) — Paintings by Summer Borla.

Holladay Library (2150 E. 4730 South, 943-4636, Ext. 334) — Oils by Lorretta Derr through October.

HORNE Fine Art* (142 E. 800 South, 533-4200) — "Selections," featuring work by Nathan Barnes, Ken Baxter, Karen Horne, Phyllis F. Horne, Judith Mehr, Jeff Mauger, Ben Steele, Pilar Pobil, Ted Wassmer and Jamie Wayman, through Oct. 11.

Ken Sanders Rare Books (268 S. 200 East, 521-3819) — Show posters and art prints by Leia Bell through Oct. 11.

Lamb's Cafe (169 S. Main) — Fine art photography by Jon Caputo through September.

Loge Gallery (The Roy W. and Elizabeth Simmons Pioneer Memorial Theatre, 1340 E. Broadway, U., 581-7222) — Paintings by James H. Wilson through Oct. 11.

Magpies' Gallery (39 I St., 363-7764) — Works by Carole Evans, Dottie Miles, Marian Dunn, Jossy Lownes, Woody Renzetti, Steve Sheffield and Sue Valentine through September.

Museum of Church History and Art (45 N. West Temple, 240-2299) — "By the Hand of Mormon: Scenes From the Land of Promise," featuring Book of Mormon art by Walter Rane, through Oct. 12. Also, "Primary Makes Me Happy — 1878-2003: A Celebration of 125 Years of Primary," featuring a selection of historical memorabilia, through Nov. 16. Also, "With Every Stitch: Samplers and Decorative Textiles," featuring a sample of historic and contemporary works, through Oct. 19.

Phillips Gallery* (444 E. 200 South, 364-8284) — Work by Carolyn Coalson and Michelle Macfarlane through Oct. 10.

Rio Gallery (310 S. Rio Grande, 355-3581) — "The 2003 Fellowship Recipients," featuring art by Suzanne Kanatsiz and Bonnie Sucec, through Nov. 7.

Ruth Tyler Library (8280 S. 75 West, Midvale, 278-0913) — Mixed mediums by Shirley Smithers through October.

Salt Lake Art Center* (20 S. West Temple) — Main gallery: Paintings and drawings by Idaho-based artist Stephen Schultz through today.

Sprague Branch Library (2131 S. 1100 East, 524-8280) — "Landscape Forms/Formed Landscapes II: Sculpture by Andrea Heidinger" through Nov. 1.

The Art Is In (Crossroads Mall, 50 S. Main) — "Urban Realism — Salt Lake City," featuring art by Rodger Newbold, Mark Weiler, Frank Huff and more, through Oct. 10. The Stable/Fine Arts (132 E St., 355-6872) — Recent drawings and paintings by Walter Rane through Oct. 24.

Tanner Humanities Center (380 S. 1400 East, Carlson Hall, University of Utah) — "Southern Paiutes: A Portrait," featuring photography by Michael Plyler and words by Logan Hebner, through Oct. 20.

Twiggs & Moore Gallery (797 E. 6400 South, 747-3520) — "Mustang & Art Show," featuring art from the Salt Lake Mustang Club and more.

Utah Artist Hands Gallery (61 W. 100 South, 355-0206) — Pastels by David Maestas through Oct. 15.

UtahMuseum of Fine Arts* (University of Utah, South Campus Drive, 581-7332) — "A (Mostly) French Passion: European Paintings, Furniture and Objets d'Art from the Wallace Collections" through Dec. 7. "Terra: Photographs by Sebastio Salgado" through Nov. 9. Also, fine art landscape photography by Edwin Firmage (closing date undetermined). Also, artwork from the museum's permanent collection continually on display.

Williams Fine Art* (Main Lobby, Eagle Gate Plaza, 60 E. South Temple, 534-0331) — Works by J.T. Harwood, H.L.A. Culmer, Maynard Dixon, Alfred Lambourne and recent works by contemporary artists Randall Lake, Bonnie Posselli and more.


Antelope Island State Park (Visitors Center) — "Art on the Island," featuring eight oil paintings of life on the island by Ken Baxter, through Sept. 29.

Bountiful/Davis Art Center (745 S. Main, Bountiful, 292-0367) — "Naturally," featuring work by George Nackos, Joe Deru, Kindra Fehr, Anne Chesley, Wayne Pullan, Jennifer Harrington, Chris Adams and Sheri Young, through Oct. 3.

Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery (Braithwaite Liberal Arts Center, Southern Utah University, Cedar City, 1-435-673-2723) — "Human Nature: Insights From the Natural World," featuring paintings by Arlene Braithwaite, through Oct. 10.

Brigham City Museum-Gallery (24 N. 300 West, Brigham City, 435-723-6769) — "In the Round: Utah Contemporary Sculpture," featuring work by Gary Anderson, Ursula Brodauf, J. Steven Hansen, David Holz, Cordell Taylor, Ray Jonas, Jeff Juhlin, Dorothee Martens, Nnamdi Okonkwo, Dean Petaja, Kent Rigby, Frank Riggs, Darl Thomas, Dahrl S. Thomson and Jeannine Young, through Nov. 15.

CEU Prehistoric Museum (155 E. Main, Price) — Petroglyph Preservations by Arlene Connolly through Oct. 30.

Fairview Museum of History & Art (85 N. 100 East, Fairview, 427-9216) — Works from the museum collection: Lee Udall Bennion, Judy Farnsworth Lund, Theodore Milton Wassmer, Lee Deffebach, Harry Taylor, Meri Ploetz, Edith Roberson, Cordell Taylor, Wulf Barsch, John Heber Stansfield, Kaziah Hancock, Harrison Groutage and more.

Gallery at the Station (Union Station, 2501 Wall Ave., Ogden, 629-8446) — "Scenes of Summer — Paintings by Karen Horne" through September.

Kimball Art Center (638 Park Ave., Park City, 1-435-649-8882) — Main gallery: "Rembrandt: The Consumate Etcher and Other 17th Century Printmakers" through Oct. 10. Badami gallery: Paintings by Thom Ross through Oct. 10. Garage gallery: "Selected West Light Images," featuring photography by David Schultz, through Oct. 28.

Lamplight Art Gallery (163 S. Main, Bountiful, 298-0290) — Works by Colleen Parker, Linda Dalton Walker, Rebecca Lee, Charlene Hill, Barbara Dowdle, Beverly Mangum, Jim Fefor, Connie Neylan, Susan Plouzek, Kay Taylor Affleck and Rose Brontmire.

Meyer Gallery (Main, Park City, 435-8160) — Oil paintings by Jared Sanders. Also, "Works on Paper," featuring etchings, woodcuts, watercolors and drawings by various artists.

Museum of Art (Brigham Young University, North Campus Drive, Provo, 378-2787) —"Poetic Kinetics," featuring assemblage art by Dennis and Andrew Smith, through Oct. 18. Also, "150 Years of American Painting," artwork from BYU's permanent collection.

Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art (650 N. 1100 East, Logan, 1-435-797-0163) — "Clay West: 2003 Intermountain Invitational," featuring work by ceramic artists teaching at universities in Intermountain West. "In the Spirit of the Times," featuring 60 works by San Francisco Bay area artists. And "New to the Collection: 2002-2003," features recent museum acquisitions. All through Dec. 6.

Riverton Art Museum/Gallery (1640 W. 13200 South, 253-3020) — Paintings and metal sculptures by Nancy Strubbe through September.

SCERA art Gallery (754 S. State, Orem, 225-2569) — Paintings and sculptures by Melody Johnson and sculpture by Jerime Hooley through September.

Springville Museum of Art (126 E. 400 South, Springville, 489-2727) — "E-Spousing Art: Artist Couples of Utah," featuring work by 35 artist couples of Utah, through Oct. 26. Also, paintings by Russian brothers Sergei & Aleksie Tkachev. Also, political cartoons by Jonathan Brown. Also, ongoing exhibit of Russian, Social Realist Art from permanent collection.

St. George Art Museum (47 E. 200 North, St. George, 1-435-634-5942) — "Within My View," featuring landscapes by Jim Jones, through Oct. 17. Mezzanine gallery: "Recent Acquisitions," featuring new additions to the museum's collection, through Oct. 10.

Stewart Library (Weber State University) — "Captured Moments," featuring 47 nature photographs by Gregory Stauffer, through Sept. 29.

UVSC Woodbury Gallery (University Mall, Orem, 801-426-6199) — Retired BYU art professors Max D. Weaver and Peter L Myer will exhibit work through Sept. 30.