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The winners and the losers

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Loser: We're fairly certain that this isn't what child-rearing experts have in mind when they recommend that parents spend a little quality time with their children. The mother of a student faces charges of criminal mischief, a third-degree felony, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a misdemeanor, after Salt Lake's Dilworth Elementary School was vandalized in June. The school was spray painted and door locks were covered with pennies and glue, causing some $2,000 in damage. Police believe the mother and her son vandalized the school together, according to charges.

Winner: Credit the Commission on Equality and Fairness for hosting a meeting at Calvary Baptist Church this past week to enable Salt Lakers to air concerns about issues of race, among them racial profiling. The police department's own statistics show that African-Americans, who comprise about 1 percent of Salt Lake's population, constitute 4 to 7 percent of traffic stops by city police. If this is, indeed, a trend, it must be reversed. As some participants in the meeting suggested, there needs to be concerted efforts to employ officers of diverse backgrounds and get more people of color involved in civilian-review boards. Ongoing reporting of race data is vitally important. While Salt Lake's statistics aren't glowing, credit the three-year data collection effort, which has provided reliable and quantifiable information regarding this issue.

Loser: Cases of whooping cough are on the rise along the Wasatch Front. State and local health officials say 20 cases of pertussis were reported in August, up significantly from the one-10 cases health officials typically see in a month. Among the 20 cases, five involved infants and four of the babies required hospitalization. Although the disease is not particularly life threatening — except among the very young — it is readily preventable through immunization. Parents should check their children's immunization records to ensure they are up to date.