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Thanks for the help, UTA

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Thank you, UTA. Last Saturday two friends and I misunderstood where we were to catch the bus to go to the BYU football game. We were at the 3900 South TRAX station. We should have been at the 3900 South Park and Ride on Wasatch Blvd.

We could never get there in time to catch the bus. One of the UTA bus drivers called the Sandy Civic Center, where a bus was getting ready to leave to go to BYU. They said they would hold the bus until we got there.

We were so happy. And we had the nicest bus driver. On our return home, he didn't drop us off at the Sandy station, but took us to the 3900 South station, where our car was parked.

Thank you from three senior BYU fans.

Ruth Hancock

Maxine Hoyt

Dorothy Pettey

Salt Lake City