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The winners and the losers

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Winner: Not only did University of Utah coach Urban Meyer win his first game Thursday night, he pulled off a masterful public relations coup afterward. Meyer assembled his team in front of the Utah band and led them in the singing of the fight song.

Given all the controversy last year surrounding the firing of Ron McBride, this was a gesture that put all that to rest and quickly established Meyer as a "Utah man."

Winner: When officials wanted to open a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center last year near an elementary school in Sandy, neighbors and others complained. That's not unusual. People are naturally concerned about housing such things near children and families. But newly released figures show the crime rate around the new center has actually decreased since it opened. That's a victory for the neighbors, but it's an even bigger victory for the people struggling to get their lives back together within the center. City officials say they'll continue to watch the center closely. That's good, too.

Loser: This week, an Orem man stood in court and tried to apologize for his part in an international child pornography ring that has hurt countless innocent children. The federal judge sentenced him to 10 years. Meanwhile, two national experts on child Internet safety were in Utah County training officers to teach parents and children about the dangers of these horrible crimes.

Too many Utahns are naive about what can happen to children if they are allowed unsupervised Internet access. Law enforcement officials who periodically go undercover to pose as children online say it's frightening how quickly predators will approach them. The problem will end only when parents become extra vigilant and nosey about their children's behavior.