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Runner will pass

It was very eerie. As I read Doug Robinson's column on Aug. 30 ("Kerr is running from his mess") it was as though Doug had been reading my mind, expressing many thoughts I had on the announcement of the new Salt Lake City Marathon.

The September Runner's World mentioned that the "inaugural running of the Salt Lake City Marathon & 10K - Run, Bump and Boogie was slated for April 24, 2004. The marathon, which will be the focal point of a gigantic weekend festival, will likely kick off with 4,500 runners."

It's obvious Steve Kerr has been putting more effort into his new marathon than he did this year's Deseret Morning News Marathon. I ran under 4 hours, and the only thing at the finish line was water. Having run 57 marathons, 17 of which being the Deseret Morning News, I have never been so disappointed.

I will run the Deseret Morning News Marathon next year, but I think I'll pass on running the inaugural Salt Lake City Marathon in April. I will spend the $70 fee on other races that have fruit, yogurt or bagels at the finish line.

Joanne Sorensen