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Orem salesman flirts with danger

He’s beaten after trying to kiss a married woman

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OREM — An Ohio salesman peddling magazines Friday afternoon got more than he bargained for after flirting with a married woman.

Lt. Doug Edwards of the Orem Police Department said officers responding to a report of a fight discovered a rather battered 19-year-old salesman near 1100 South and 200 East.

"He had obviously been involved in the fight and looked to have come out on the losing end of it," Edwards said.

Police said the incident apparently began when the salesman visited the home of a married woman who seemed disinterested in purchasing magazines. Realizing he wasn't going to make a sale, the salesman told the young woman that he would get 500 bonus points if she gave him a hug.

"The woman was caught completely off guard and didn't know what to really say," Edwards said, "so she gave him a hug."

While she was giving the hug, the woman told police, the salesman turned his head and tried to kiss her on the lips. The startled woman said she slammed the door and quickly called her husband.

When her husband arrived, he located the salesman down the street, where the beating took place.

The salesman, who admitted involvement in all of the allegations, told police he likes to flirt a little bit with women and "have some fun," Edwards said.

The salesman told police he got what he deserved and declined to press charges against the husband.

"He thinks he'll go back to Ohio," Edwards said.

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