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Obituary: Robert Snow Halliday

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1916 ~ 2003

"Death isn't a door that closes,

it is a door that opens.



I died September 13, 2003 in Portland, Oregon after a long and lucky life. Incredibly lucky.

I was born August 4, 1916 in SaIt Lake City to doting parents, Vern L. and Marguerite Snow Halliday, who gave me an idyllic childhood and a younger sister, Ruth, who became my lifelong best friend and confidante.

I married the high school beauty, Virginia Berrett, and we collaborated to produce four children, Anne, Karen, Paul and Patti - all with open hearts,

hungry minds and hair trigger laughs.

I held a job I loved for over 40 years writing for the Salt Lake Tribune. New experiences every day. As a reporter, I was fortunate to know many of the business, political and academic leaders of my time. As movie critic for 13 years, privileged to interview most of the film stars of the era. As environmental writer, to realize the fundamental cause of pollution is over population. And no politician is going to touch that one!

I spent many joyous days and a few terrifying moments riding motorcycles and flying light planes.

I lived 87 years of the most exciting, creative period in human history and traveled abroad enough to regain that childlike sense of wonder and personal insignificance.

Several years ago, I fell in with 60 or more geriatric dancing fanatics, averaging 75 years of age. We danced to the memorable ballroom music of the thirties, forties, and fifties four times a week. They gave me a wealth of warmth, a vigorous way to prolong life and an ideal way to end it

- dancing all the way to the exit.

And when the music stops and the lights go out, what's next? As in all endings, a new beginning.

Survivors include my sister, Ruth H. Rampton of Bountiful, four children, Anne Bunick and Karen Sheridan of Portland, Oregon; Paul Halliday of Farmington and Patricia Adams of Hooper; 19 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren, each a unique jewel in the family diadem.

My family is holding a private memorial celebration in my honor.