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Terror bill goes too far

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After reading the Sept. 15 article about Orrin Hatch's proposal to grant indefinite power to the Justice Department to further detect and prosecute terrorists, I was quite alarmed by the fact that it does not even attempt to define the parameters of this power or what actions will be taken against offenders.

It appears as though Hatch is attempting to give the Justice Department a "blank check" to prosecute anyone it deems to be a terrorist.

Does this sound familiar? It seems quite reminiscent of the Patriot Act II. And while Hatch claims his act has nothing in common with Patriot Act II, I believe it accomplishes the same thing using fewer words and giving the Justice Department an even broader authority to prosecute "terrorists."

Hatch's new bill is dangerous and insulting to myself and the American people.

J.M. Lecointre

Salt Lake City