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Take defeat with dignity

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For years BYU football teams dominated the Western Athletic Conference. Thirty and 40-point margins of victory were a weekly occurence. I will never forget when BYU humiliated my hometown Aggies, 70 to 3. Now Air Force scores a late touchdown and fans complain about them running up the score and shout obscenities at the winning coach.

Maybe it is time for BYU fans to stop acting like Chicken Little. The sky is not falling on BYU football. I have no doubt coach Crowton and staff will return the team to a winning tradition. Still, in the competitive world of college athletics there is something to be said for sportmanship. It is time BYU fans learned to stop blaming the coach and players and accept a defeat with dignity. That would do more to improve their image in the football community than another conference championship or bowl game.

Neil Thomas