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Cannon was out of step

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Thankfully, most members of Congress seem to have gotten the message that people hate being called by telemarketers. The new do-not-call legislation, necessitated by a rather unintelligent judicial ruling, overwhelmingly passed the House of Representatives, 412-8. What amazes me is that eight congressmen would vote against it.

What embarrasses and infuriates me is that two of those voting against it were from Utah, one of them my own so-called representative, Chris Cannon. Apparently Cannon balanced the wishes of the millions who are already on the do-not-call list against the hundreds of telemarketers in his district and found the needs of the few outweighing the needs of the many.

This is yet another instance of our so-called representative not representing the vast majority of us in the 3rd District. When it comes to big business against the little guy, Cannon goes with the businesses every time. Jim Matheson is apparently the only congressman in the state who understands how real people feel.

Julie Gritton