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News shows GOP bias

SHARE News shows GOP bias

The Deseret Morning News is a partisan paper. On Wednesday, Sept. 3, the Utah Chapter of Stonewall Democrats hosted a candidate forum for mayor of Salt Lake City. Democrats Rocky Anderson and Frank Pignanelli showed up, as did Republican Molonai Hola. This event was press released several days in advance. In addition, at least one Deseret News reporter received e-mails and had a phone conversation with me about this event. Yet nothing about this event appeared in the paper before hand, nor was there any coverage, even though The Salt Lake Tribune found the event newsworthy.

It shouldn't have surprised me to open the Deseret Morning News on Sept. 4 to read the headline: "GOP women meet Monday at library." If one of these subjects was newsworthy, and the other not, then obviously the Deseret Morning News has chosen sides. This is a Republican paper, little more.

Adam G. Bass

vice chairman, Utah Stonewall Democrats

Salt Lake City