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Before becoming the Deseret Morning News' prep editor a month ago, a SPAM-infiltrated e-mail inbox was a maddening experience. Often times, with hundreds of junk e-mails sitting there, I'd trash them all regardless of their sender — sorry Mom.

I don't do that anymore. These days, whenever I hear the "you've got mail" sound, I never know what nougat of golden information awaits me.

Just the other day, after writing a small article on Whitehorse High School's journey to Oklahoma, a Mr. Cornwell sent me an e-mail detailing his experiences as an athlete in San Juan school district.

While smiling throughout his letter, I couldn't help but chuckle when Cornwell recounted the time he broke up Dean Fowles' perfect game with a late-inning base hit. Fowles went on to become a successful football coach at Delta High, and Cornwell became a referee.

When they met a few decades later, Cornwell introduced himself to Fowles. When he recounted the baseball game, Fowles said, "So that was you."

The occasional e-mail is a complaint. The occasional e-mail is a compliment. Regardless of their intent, I look forward to them all .

My favorite e-mail thus far was from Brad Skinner. I graduated from Olympus High School in 1994, and Skinner was the student body president my senior year.

Unlike most Olympus students in the past decade, we were lucky enough to possess "The Rock" for one year, thanks to Olympus's win over Skyline in 1992. The following year though, my senior year, Skyline "got lucky" and won the chunk of granite back.

As is tradition, when one school is forced to hand over the traveling trophy to the other, an assembly is required. The losing school's student body officers present The Rock to the winning school in front of thousands of screaming students.

Skinner and his fellow SBO's that year weren't about to go down without a fight, as he recounted.

"Obviously, this wasn't easy and we didn't want to just simply give it back," said Skinner. "I don't know if many Olympus students ever knew what we did, but it was sweet."

So sweet in fact, it will make the Skyline SBO who presented Olympus with The Rock last Friday insanely jealous.

The night before the assembly, Skinner and his pals made a plaster replica of The Rock.

"When we went out on the stage, 2,000 screaming Skyline students were yelling to the sound of 'We Will Rock You,' " said Skinner.

Those same 2,000 students looked absolutely stunned when the Oly SBO's "accidently" dropped the fake rock, and it shattered all over the stage.

"I remember looking out over the crowd and seeing the stunned look on everyone's faces, especially the lineman and other bald heads on the front row," said Skinner. "It was so hilarious to see their faces."

It's good-natured humor like that which helps high school rivalries prosper for many years. Thanks Brad.

If you have an interesting prep story to tell, please recount it to me. I'd love to read it and write about it someday.

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