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Performance Plus facts

What is this plan all about?

Elementary school students would be required to pass reading comprehension tests by the end of the third grade and meet standards in math, science and writing before moving on to middle school or junior high.

Students in grades seven through 12 would be required to earn a C or better in each of 12 courses to advance to high school. Those who fail to do so would have to take specific high school courses to catch up.

Frequent assessment tests for students in grades K-10 would alert educators to students lagging behind.

How much money is needed?

State educators say they need $393 million to fund Performance Plus, with $203 million of that in new funds and $190 million of it being routed from other programs. The funding request as proposed Monday:

$190 million for remediation and interventions with students falling behind.

$121.5 million for assessment tests to gauge if students are learning throughout the year.

$81 million for highly qualified teachers.

$500,000 for outside evaluation of the program.