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Stand up for beliefs

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Silence is no longer an option. Yes, I confess I believe homosexual unions are wrong. Pornography in any form is vile filth unworthy of First Amendment protection. Abstinence before marriage and fidelity in marriage are vital. And, I believe in God and have no problem with citizens and lawmakers of any faith acknowledging his existence in whatever terms they choose.

I believe that I am in the majority, especially in Utah. Yet, it seems that we, the majority, are far too reticent in voicing our beliefs and ideals. We are made to feel that if we do not forsake our personal beliefs and convictions in public discourse we are ignorant, self-righteous and close-minded.

In our private lives we are afforded the luxury of practicing our beliefs, but what is a belief if it is not to be lived in every aspect of life? Consciousness and morality are to be an active, not a passive, part of life. We must realize that when we speak out, we are heard much more clearly than when we are silent.

Rebekah Strain