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Shun tattooed students

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Regarding BYU and the photos of tattooed athletes, why don't more BYU athletic officials have the courage to only recruit athletes who truly and honestly will support their honor standards. I would rather see an honor-code-keeping BYU team lose every game every season than play prima donnas who privately — and sometimes publicly — disrespect their school.

After Tuesday's BYU devotional devoted to reminding students of the inappropriateness of bare midriffs, I would hope that new BYU President Cecil Samuelson will see tattoos as an even more serious affront to BYU-LDS standards.

One solution is to announce now that starting fall 2008, BYU students may not have any visible tattoos. Period. Don't allow exceptions for star athletes. This will put on notice any current high school students who want to play for BYU.

Mark Matheson