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GOP thinks it knows best

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Perhaps now that the Republican National Committee has decided it knows what is best for Mormons, with its "Kerry wrong for Mormons" campaign Web site, it would like to weigh in on who the next members of the LDS Church's Quorum of the Twelve Apostles should be. Or, maybe, since it feels that it similarly knows what's best for Catholics, it could weigh in on the next papal selection process.

Obviously, I'm kidding. But the existence of these Web sites illustrates one of my fundamental problems with the Republican Party: They truly believe they know what is best for each of us. They are not above imposing what they know through legislation while, at the same time, touting themselves as the party that wants to "get government off the backs of the people." Apparently, in getting government off our backs, they want to get government into our minds, hearts, bedrooms and churches.

Mike Hassett