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Railcars contain dangers, study says

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A lot of dangerous chemicals are rumbling down the 900 South Union Pacific rail line in Salt Lake City, a new report says.

The report, released Thursday and crafted by the Utah Federation for Youth, was based on observation of railcar placards of 200 passing trains observed since the 900 South line reopened in December 2001.

The data showed many cars carried hazardous substances included on the federal government's Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act priority list of hazardous substances.

All told nearly 190 cars carried sulfuric acid, 60 carried chlorine and more than 40 carried either anhydrous ammonia or aluminium, the report found.

The Federation for Youth shared its findings with the Salt Lake City Fire Department in an effort to ensure the department had adequate response plans in case an accident occurred. The report contained details of a train crash in Texas that involved a train carrying chlorine and how that area responded to the incident.