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Charges filed against 2 in beating and robbery

Prosecutors filed charges Thursday against two people after a woman was lured to a house, beaten up and robbed.

On Aug. 28, a woman went to a house near 8300 South and 3600 West, where she thought she was going to pick up another woman who supposedly needed a ride to the hospital, charges state.

Once the woman entered the house, three people yelled at her and ordered her to sit. A woman punched her on the face. Someone searched through her purse, and a $50 bill was taken. One of the assailants took her cell phone and wedding ring but returned the purse and keys. One of the women picked up a crowbar and said, "You're lucky to still be alive," charges state.

The three people told the woman before she left that if she called police, they would kill her husband and daughter, charges state.

A man, 22, and woman, 23, both were charged with aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony, and tampering with a witness, a second-degree felony.