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Rollover on I-70 kills newlyweds

COVE FORT, Millard County — Colorado newlyweds en route to Las Vegas died as the SUV they were riding in rolled along I-70 Saturday morning.

Killed were:

Monica Covarrubias, 19.

Armando Guerrero-Escorsia, age unknown.

The couple, who wed Friday, and three others were heading west in an SUV on I-70 three miles from the junction with I-15 at 7:30 a.m., according to a Utah Highway Patrol report. The driver, who was the only person wearing a seat belt, may have fallen asleep in the early morning, and the vehicle drifted off the road. The driver then overcorrected and rolled the vehichle.

Covarrubias, Guerrero-Escorsia and Alberto Munoz, 20, Colorado, were ejected. Munoz remained in extremely critical condition at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, the UHP said.

The driver, Fernando Tapia, 21, Colorado, was also taken to the medical center and was in stable condition. A fourth passenger, Jesus Tapia, 22, Colorado, was not ejected and wasn't critically injured. He was taken to a local hospital in Millard County, according to the UHP.