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Beau Babka

Beau Babka
Beau Babka

Party: Democrat

Wife: Kimberly Susanne

Children: 6

Birthdate: Oct. 5, 1962

Birthplace: Inglewood, Calif.

Education: University of Hawaii, 1985, business and communications; Weber State University, 1988, criminal justice and psychology; Brigham Young University, 2002, master's of public administration

Political experience: Ran unsuccessfully for Salt Lake County sheriff, 2002

Professional highlights: adjunct professor in criminal justice/social science department at Salt Lake Community College; captain, South Salt Lake police

Quote: "We are caught in a confluence of events, a time of uncertainty, a time of indecision and a time where the safety of our families has risen beyond the level of parental concern. These challenges will test the measure of a man. These challenges have tested the measure of my opponent and have shown him lacking in the fortitude to stand up for the rights of the people of Utah and America."

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