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Parents should teach kids

I was infuriated by Vonda Godwin's letter (Readers' Forum, Oct. 8) complaining of the inadequacies of the education system. I realize there are problems, two of them being a lack of funds and overcrowding, but quite frankly, I am sick and tired of all of the finger pointing being done at the teachers and schools when parents themselves are not willing to stand up and take responsibility for their own children's success (or failure).

Is a grandchild who cannot read, write or tell time in the ninth grade solely the responsibility of the school system? Where are the parents? Teachers, no matter how good they are, cannot do it alone. If parents are not willing to follow through with homework, spend time reading with their children, or hang a clock in their home, the children will suffer.

Paying taxes does not relieve someone of their parental responsibilities. If parents (or grandparents) spent as much time helping their children learn as they do complaining about how much they are not learning at school, all of the children would be better off.

And for all those wondering: no, I am not a teacher, except to my own children.

Wendy Pike