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12th year of Airplane Talk takes off Oct. 23 at HAFB

HILL AIR FORCE BASE — Airplane Talk, a seasonal program at the Hill Aerospace Museum, begins its 12th year Oct. 23.

Five speakers will participate in the Saturday afternoon programs this year.

On Oct. 23, Maj. Julie E. Petrina, Laurel, Md., will discuss her experiences with the C-130J. She worked as a configuration control officer for the Airborne Warning and Control System and Airborne Battlefield Command Control and Communications System. The C-130J is the latest model of the C-130. She has logged more than 2,000 hours of flight time.

On Oct. 30, Paul Buchanan, Provo, will discuss his experiences with several aircraft, including the F-86 and the F-100. He recently retired from United Airlines, where he was a check pilot for the 747-400.

On Nov. 6, Bruce McAllister, Denver, will discuss his experiences as a freelance photographer, pilot and author. He has logged nearly 5,000 hours of flying above Alaska, the Yukon Territory and the Alaska Highway. His books contain stories from bush pilots.

On Nov. 13, Floyd E. Haupt, Provo, will relate his experience as a navigator of a B-24, flying with the 464th Bomb Group from Pantenela, Italy, in 1944.

On Nov. 20, Col. Emmett (Cyclone) S. Davis, Draper, will discuss his experiences as a career Air Force officer. He was at Wheeler Field, Hawaii, on Dec. 7, 1941, and was one of the few pilots to get his plane off the ground and into combat. He spent most of World War II in the Pacific, where he flew 267 missions.