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In her own words

Aug. 30 — Salt Lake County Mayor Nancy Workman calls the South Valley Boys and Girls Clubs appropriation a "procedural problem." "We're going to prevail in this little deal with the DA's office."

Sept. 1 — In response to a panel's finding of "sufficient credible evidence," Workman says, "I cannot roll over."

Sept. 3 — "I am not even going there," she says, when asked about resigning. "We're moving ahead; the campaign is in full gear."

Sept. 6 — "I can't lie about my physical or mental capacity, and I wouldn't ask a doctor to fib."

Sept. 23 — She tells the Deseret Morning News Editorial Board that she is determined to continue. "I would have looked at it back when it first started, but right now I'm staying the course."

Oct. 4 — "I can't answer that right now," when asked if she is planning to withdraw. "Come to the meeting tomorrow."

Oct. 5 — GOP withdraws support, and Ellis Ivory, honorary co-chairman of Workman's re-election campaign, announces his write-in candidacy. Workman's response: "We will continue our campaign as my legal fight — which will require much of my focus — allows. I recognize that many will question my decision from a political standpoint. My decision is not about politics, polls, opinons or even final vote counts. My decision is about my reputation and the good name of my family."

Oct. 12 — "My (personal) doctor has strongly advised that . . . with the extraordinary stress of the ongoing prosecution, I cannot continue a political campaign without unreasonably compromising my health. Recognizing the toll, I have decided to heed his advice."