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Elder Donald L. Staheli

Quorums of the Seventy

A secure personal testimony comes only after church members have courage and conviction to follow the prophet's counsel.

Strong, unwavering testimonies come from prayerfully following the prophets and the words of the scriptures.

"In the absence of a compelling testimony, some have let their daily thoughts and actions become so focused on the things of the world that they have minimized the influence of the light of the gospel in their everyday lives."

True testimonies bring the light of the restored gospel into people's lives and direct their focus toward returning to God. Members must follow Alma's counsel and nourish the good word of God. As they work, their testimonies will continue to grow.

First, they must have the desire to believe.

"We have been sent here to work out our individual salvation through the tests and challenges of daily life. We cannot do that by relying heavily upon the borrowed light of someone else's testimony."

The inspiration felt when prophets, leaders and peers bear testimony should further enhance members' desire to strengthen their own convictions.

Never give up on the Lord, for he will never give up on his children. Daily prayers seeking forgiveness and special help and direction are essential to the nourishment of testimonies. Personal prayers must not become hurried, casual, repetitive or forgetful.

"He will respond as you strive to keep his commandments and reach out for his loving hand."