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Unrepresentative leaders

Utterly amazing — despite what the Moore decision has cost their school (a lot of donors have continued to withhold donations, the bad press, etc.) — that Utah Valley State College student leaders say they would do it all again ("UVSC student officers not backing down," Oct. 10). There was an important lesson to be learned from this experience. Did they learn it? Apparently not.

Jim Bassi and Joe Vogel say student leaders "weighed all the possible pros and cons" before inviting Moore. There is no mention of their electorate. Did they consider what the people they represent would want? No, they did not. This is clear from the subsequent uproar and quick damage control (i.e., a Sean Hannity appearance).

What we have here is a classic example of unrepresentative government. Bassi and Vogel made it clear they are just a different brand of "activist judge." They thought (and still think) they know better than the people they represent.

Deena King