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Inline Plastics' new facility in Utah has grand opening

Inline Plastics Corp.'s new Western manufacturing and distribution operation had its grand opening Tuesday at Ninigret Park, 1927 S. 4650 West.

The Connecticut-based company produces packages used in the merchandising of a variety of bakery, deli and food service applications. The company operates other facilities in Connecticut, California and central and eastern European countries.

The new 84,358-square-foot facility currently employs 30 people, with plans to expand to more than 100 employees over the next few years.

Inline President Thomas Orkisz said the new facility will bring the company closer to clients, enhance service levels, reduce freight costs and be an operations platform for growth in the Western marketplace. Niel Youngberg, vice president of operations, said Utah offers an excellent work force and "provides significant advantages to other Western states in some of the major cost components."

The Economic Development Corp. of Utah said it provided Inline help with labor market, demographics, transportation data, employment and real estate assistance. Utah had been competing with Wyoming and Nevada for the new facility.