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Soccer playoffs

Class 5A

Thursday's second-round games

Upper bracket

Viewmont (11-4-2) at Bingham (15-2-0)

Hillcrest (11-6-0) at Weber (10-4-3)

Lower bracket

Alta (15-2-0) at Northridge (10-3-4)

Davis (10-4-3) at Cottonwood (13-4-0)

Class 4A

Thursday's second-round games

Upper bracket

Bountiful (12-5-0) at Mtn. Crest (12-2-0)

Box Elder (6-10-1) at Woods Cross (14-3-0)

Lower bracket

Bonneville (13-2-1) at East (15-1-1)

Timpview (9-8-0) at Timpanogos (15-0-0)

Class 3A

Thursday's second-round games

Upper bracket

Park City (12-3-1) at Ogden (14-1-1)

Wasatch (11-5-1) at Lehi (13-4-0)

Lower bracket

Juan Diego (13-3-0) vs Pine View (14-2-1)

Delta (9-4-0) at Judge (14-2-1)

Note: Juan Diego and Pine View were each region winners and a coin toss will be held today to determine the home team.

Soccer writer Michael Black's picks are in bold.

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