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Liberalism costs jobs

I would like to give an agreeable reply to Vard Roper (Readers' Forum, Oct. 3). I do agree that John Kerry has stood by and allowed jobs and industries to leave the country. But so has Hillary Clinton, so has Edward Kennedy, so has every other so-called "socialist liberal" hack in Washington stood back or sat on their laurels and watched the jobs leave good ol' America.

Looking back on it, Hillary's husband, good ol' Bill, signed a trade agreement that Ross Perot warned against, yet he did it anyway.

Here are some examples of what has happened since:

1. Employees at a Kodak plant walked out the gate with pink slips while their jobs went to China;

2. Employees at a Levi clothing plant in Texas left with pink slips while their jobs left the country;

3. The steel industry went to hell, resulting in the same situation;

4. On the Gulf Coast, shrimpers began selling their shrimp harvests out of their pickup trucks at half price just to be able to make the next payment on their boat that costs approximately $60,000 to buy, while shrimp is being imported from somewhere else.

Nov. 2 is our chance to eliminate as many of these socialistic liberals as we can. We can start with John Kerry.

B.L. Neerings