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Tribal loyalty vs. reason

Here's what I got from the Deseret Morning News' article on Sean Hannity's appearance at Utah Valley State College:

1. "In these troubling times, we cannot elect someone who waffles, who vacillates, who has no core," Hannity said. "John Kerry is on the wrong side of history."

2. Humorous imitations of Kerry, Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy — curried favor with the audience.

3. "He (Moore) is a gutless coward for not showing up tonight."

4. Hannity said, referring to the $40,000 of student fees that will be used to pay Moore, "I would demand your money back."

Tribal loyalty is a dominant trait in our species. Enlightenment starts where reason confronts tribal loyalty.

Ask yourself this question. If you came out against Bush, would you risk losing the love and affection of friends and family? If the answer is yes, you cannot possibly "live" the teachings of Jesus.

Clifford Lyon