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New rules for 2004-05

The AHL has added several new rules for the 2004-05 season, including:

Employing a shootout to decide regular-season games which are tied after overtime

Permission of "tagging up" to negate offside plays

Implementation of "no-touch" icing

Widening the blue lines and center red line to 24 inches (from 12 inches)

Moving the goal line back to 11 feet from the end boards (from 13 feet)

A seven-week test, ending Nov. 28, restricting the areas where goaltenders may play the puck in an attempt to increase offensive opportunities without wholly eliminating a goaltender's ability to assist his defensemen.

The league's on-ice officials will also have a stricter interpretation of hooking and holding fouls against a puck carrier and of interference in the attacking zone. Additionally, the AHL's standard of supplementary discipline on acts where there is deliberate attempt or deliberate injury of an opponent will include more severe suspensions without pay.