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What is Ivory saying?

Ellis Ivory represents himself as coming to the rescue of Salt Lake County by saying he is running on the Four Nos. That's all well and good, but I have a serious problem when someone is willing to spend over 400k of his own money so he can work for free, with no other platform other than he won't use a county car or credit card and won't accept any contributions. While a nice gesture, that is no platform. I want to know what kind of policies he is proposing.

I perceive most of Mayor Nancy Workman's problems as wanting to run county government as a business, when it is most assuredly not a business. Government has to do things in a way that most businesses just can't do and survive. It is the nature of the beast. My fear is that Mr. Ivory will want to do the same thing, with the same end result. I just hope that he remembers that government is not a business, and cannot be run as one.

Kent Mattingley

West Valley City