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If you go on a Global Electric Motorcar

GETTING THERE: Electric Time Car Rentals is located at the Anchorage Shopping Center at Fisherman's Wharf. Two-seaters are available for $38.88 for the first hour and half-price for each additional hour while four-seaters go for $48.88 for the first hour and half price for each additional hour. Free shuttle service is available for renter pickup and drop off in downtown San Francisco. For more information, call 415-788-4300.

OTHER OPTIONS: GoCar Rentals rents out smaller three-wheeled and two-seater versions equipped with Global Positioning System devices. The cost is $40 for the first hour, $30 for the next hour and $20 for each additional hour, with a one-day flat rate of $130. It's located at 2715 Hyde St. between Beach and North Point. For more information, call 800-91-GoCar.