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Cabela's 'museum'?

The Utah County Commission has decided to give Cabela's $2 million in order to fund a museum inside the store. This "museum" will be located throughout the store and not in any one particular location. It might just be me, but that sounds like the county will be paying for Cabela's interior decorations. Calling it a museum is laughable and might even be dishonest if the money is going to fund "exhibits" of dead animals that Cabela's would have displayed anyway as part of their buying experience. And the best part is that people who rent vehicles in Utah County get to pay for it.

I'm not opposed to business development. The business of government should be business. Most people support tax breaks, low-interest loans, and even zoning changes to help and encourage business. But a $2 million free handout just doesn't seem right. The county should instead raise the sales tax just for items bought in that store and call it a "museum entrance fee."

Scott Garside