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Yes to 3 — no to 1

After study and evaluation I have come to the conclusion that Utahns should wholeheartedly approve Amendment 3 and soundly reject Initiative 1.

Amendment 3 does not deny "rights" to individuals nor does it imply hate or bigotry. Once again, a tiny minority of the population is using scare tactics and propagandalike labeling to attempt to justify turning 6,000 years of tried and true social practice on its head. Amendment 3 deserves our support on moral and social grounds.

Initiative 1 is a true wolf in sheep's clothing.

First, it is yet another tax increase, something we don't need or want in Utah. Second, the Utah Taxpayers Association has no axe to grind and opposes this initiative on solid grounds. Third, Utahns should not vote to place the state further into debt and jeopardize its current AAA bond rating. Fourth, clean water and clean air have nothing to do with erecting museums, aquariums and other government-sponsored building projects. Last, taxation issues deserve consideration in and through the Legislature, not the initiative process.

Michael T. Hannan

Cottonwood Heights