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Corroon ideal for mayor

The twists and turns and indictments of the Salt Lake County mayor's race have put Peter Corroon ahead without letting citizens learn who he is from the major media.

I do know Peter and his family, and I have volunteered with him to organize communities. Salt Lake County voters could not hope to find a more responsible fiscal conservative who runs a small business and works within a budget.

Peter is meeting people across the county to learn what is going on in neighborhoods from Sandy to Kearns. He shows up to discuss everything from zoning, open space, parks, schools, streets and police work. My friends all across the county report that he attends public meetings to listen to neighbors talk about local issues I didn't even know existed. That is the kind of leadership we have only dreamed about.

Don't just vote for Peter Corroon because of his opponents' scandals and squabbles. Learn about him and vote Corroon because he will make a fantastic mayor.

Brian Watkins

Salt Lake City