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2 works grace Heber campus

The Utah Arts Council Public Art Program, Utah Valley State College Wasatch Campus, GSBS Architects and the Division of Facilities Construction and Management recently announced the completion of two public art works for the new Wasatch Campus in Heber City.

Robert Perless of Greenwich, Conn., created "Sun Dagger" for the western plaza of the new campus. Perless' sundial piece of bronze and polymer prisms — 13 feet by 9 inches by 21 feet by 6 inches — marks the hours of the day across a large portion of the plaza. The sculpture is placed at true north for the exact latitude of Heber City. At solar noon a thin line of light marks the hour. Light spectrum rainbows are projected by the prisms at various times of the day, with special focus on the summer and winter solstices as well as the vernal and autumnal equinoxes.

The second work of art created for the new campus, "Heber Valley," an oil painting by Jim Colbert of Boulder, Colo., was installed in the facility's main lobby. Colbert's landscape depicts the Heber Valley from the site of the new campus before construction of the school. According to the artist, the painting shows the "structural richness of the area in terms of the geologic forces that pushed up and eroded Mount Timpanogos and the Wasatch Range, the foothills and the Heber Valley."

The art selection committee representing the listed agencies, the community and the architect awarded Perless and Colbert the commissions in late 2003 after a nationwide search. The artists' proposals had to be site-specific to UVSC Wasatch Campus and Heber Valley.

The Utah Public Art Program of the Utah Arts Council places site-specific art commissions in public spaces throughout Utah, the collection covering a full range of media, from textiles and etched glass to monumental works in bronze and granite.

For more information on the Public Art Program, call 533-3585.