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"There's so little of the truth being told to our public either locally or nationally." — Rocky Anderson, Salt Lake mayor

"Rocky is a person who believes passionately in what he is doing and trying to accomplish. That is an endearing feature, but it sometimes blinds him to the virtue of objective reporting of those undertakings." — Jay Shelledy, former Salt Lake Tribune editor

"It gets under his skin when he reads something that slants things in a way different than what he sees them." — Josh Ewing former Anderson communications director

"You still have to print what you feel, friendships aside. We're reporters and opinionmakers. If he does something objectionable, we have to comment on it." — John Saltas, City Weekly executive editor

"(Deseret Morning News editor) John Hughes is passionate about putting out a good newspaper. Rocky is passionate about having a good city. When those two things come in conflict, there is a great clash." — Deeda Seed, Anderson's current communications director

"Rocky has that messianic zeal — not just for remaking the culture of Salt Lake City but also for showing everybody in Utah his idea of enlightened leadership." — Diane Urbani, former Deseret Morning News reporter