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Today's developments in Iraq

A car packed with 300 pounds of explosives blew up near a police station in southwest Baghdad. The U.S. military said 10 civilians were killed, including a family of four who were driving by at the time of the blast. Iraqi hospital officials said 14 people were wounded.

U.S. jets and artillery pounded targets in the southern and eastern part of Fallujah — the major stronghold of Sunni insurgents — around sundown as residents were taking the traditional meal that breaks the daily fast during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Britain's Ministry of Defense said it was discussing coalition troop deployments in Iraq with the country's interim government and U.S. officials. But it denied it had agreed to send British troops to the Baghdad area so that American forces based there could join the U.S. assault on Fallujah.

Several mortar rounds believed fired from Syria exploded near the border town of Husaybah. There were no casualties. Marines say mortar attacks from Syrian territory have increased in recent weeks though it's unclear who is launching them.