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Scalped 'Moore' tickets go for $100+

OREM — Demand for tickets to attend filmmaker Michael Moore's Utah appearance has pushed scalped ticket prices past $100 in at least one instance on an Internet auction site.

The Wednesday appearance at Utah Valley State College sold out in five days last month at $10 for premium seats and $5 for other seats. Students were given tickets at no charge.

At least 25 tickets were listed on eBay with prices starting at 99 cents for two. Curiously, some of the cheap tickets have not received any bids, but one ticket bid on 32 times over 10 days finally sold for $102.50.

At least 14 people were selling a ticket or pairs of tickets on the site Friday at prices up to $45 apiece.

Moore's scheduled visit has riled Utah Valley conservatives who say the student government misused public money by spending most of its $50,000 budget to book the "Fahrenheit 9/11" director.

One man offered student leaders $25,000 to rescind the invitation.

Because it had received so many complaints, the school brought in conservative talk show host Sean Hannity to speak last week in an effort balance Moore's perspective.

On Friday, more than 500 donors to Utah Valley State College dined and danced at the school's annual President's Scholarship Ball.

Though UVSC initially worried about donor turnout due to the ongoing Michael Moore controversy at the state school, the ball sold out its $150 tickets in record time.

Approximately 30 students receive a President's Scholarship each year from the ball's proceeds.