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WSU may expand paramedic program

OGDEN — Weber State University is on its way toward expanding its paramedic program through electronic means into "underserved" locations in Utah, Wyoming and Washington state, starting in January 2005.

Subject to approval by the State Board of Regents, WSU will offer an 18-month paramedic program that ends with an institutional certificate. Students will pay $5,637 for the program, which will cost WSU more than $135,000 to run for each 18-month cycle.

Utah currently has paramedic programs at WSU, Utah Valley State College, Dixie State College and the Magna Fire Department, but none of the programs "adequately" serve the areas where they're offered, according to WSU officials.

WSU's expanded program, approved this month by the WSU Board of Trustees, will use interactive video streaming technology, along with face-to-face instruction, to deliver courses.