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Police dog did his job

In your story "Suspended K-9 dog back on job" on Oct. 15, I was appalled to read that Sherri Tatton, a Layton resident, is suing the city of Layton to have Rex removed from the force, citing Rex has attacked innocent people.

In her case, Ms. Tatton has no room for complaint. Rex, the K-9 dog, was responding to a suspicious person at a business — Ms. Tatton. When Ms. Tatton did not respond to officer's calls, the police sent in Rex to investigate. He performed exactly as K-9 units are trained; he cornered the suspect until his handler could arrive and take over.

However, Ms. Tatton decided to take matters into her own hands, kicking Rex. What did she think would happen?

I say we charge her with assaulting an officer and animal abuse for kicking Rex.

Rob Murphy

West Bountiful