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Improve health care

My husband and I are in our 50s and have a small business employing fewer than five people. Because of pre-existing conditions, we cannot qualify for health insurance. We make a decent living and are not old enough or poor enough to qualify for Medicare or other programs. Our diabetes, asthma, high cholesterol, HRT, arthritis, etc. prescriptions cost us more than $600 a month. We are trying to pay for recent elbow and gall bladder surgeries that totaled more than $30,000. We can't afford to break a bone, have a mammogram, go to the dentist (until it hurts) or get new glasses. We have lived like this for a long time and realize our insured friends don't understand that the Celebrex they pay $15 for costs us $119, or their Zocor at $15 costs $110.

And now, with all the money these drugs and treatments are earning in order to develop miracle cures, we can't figure out how to let people prevent the obvious yearly killer and get a flu shot? Who's in charge here? How do we improve the system?

Marty Halverson

Salt Lake City