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Show respect: don't cuss

One of the things I love about living in Utah is our large Greek community. Every year I always look forward to the annual Greek Festival and the hospitality of the Greek Orthodox Church.

However, I realize nobody's perfect.

While waiting in the food line on Sunday afternoon Sept. 12, I had the pleasure of hearing the gentleman behind me using the "F" word, complaining about the nice woman three people ahead of me. Later I had the pleasure of witnessing a few young college-age women use the "S" word below the church offices and beneath a crochet design of the Last Supper. Do they realize how disrespectful this is to the Greek Orthodox members and others?

I strongly encourage everyone to come to see the Greek culture, Greek cuisine, Greek music and the dancers. But please show respect and leave the foul language at home.

Harry Ohsiek

Salt Lake City