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Tigers earn vital doubles victory

Lone Peak's Kristina Doerr returns a shot during Region 7 play.
Lone Peak's Kristina Doerr returns a shot during Region 7 play.
Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret Morning News

OREM — Normally, a high school tennis match for third and fourth place doesn't carry much drama.

The consolation matches in the Region 6 and Region 7 girls finals on Friday, however, were nailbiters. Mainly, because this is the rare year in which the third-place finishers in each region get an invite to the state tournament next week and the fourth-place finishers from each league meet for a playoff. Those matches between fourth-place finishers are set for Tuesday at 2 p.m. at Timpview High School, with the winners advancing to state and the losers being done for the season.

Also, the consolation match in No. 1 doubles in Region 7 turned out to be one that decided the league team champion. Orem's Nicole Clark and Ashley Call were facing Mountain View's Staci Spencer and Dani Whittaker. The Bruins, as a team, had already secured third place. The Tigers, however, were trailing Lone Peak by one point, and an Orem win in the match would tie the Tigers with the Knights.

All eyes from the Lone Peak and Orem squads were on the critical match. Clark and Call cruised through the first set 6-0, but Spencer and Whittaker fought back to take the second set 6-4. The Mountain View duo won the first game in the deciding set to put the pressure on the Tigers. Behind the strong ground strokes of Clark and pinpoint court placement of Call, the Orem team clawed back to win five of the next six games. The Bruins twosome fought off a match point to win game eight and make the set 5-3. But in game nine Clark ended the suspense with a powerful overhand killer to win the final set 6-3.

"Nobody expected us to do as well as we did going into the season, so I'm very pleased with our play," Lone Peak coach John LaCognata said. "We had a lot of girls who were committed and dedicated to work hard and some seniors who showed a lot of leadership."

The Knights finished the regular season atop the league, but at the region finals both Orem and Lone Peak finished with two first-places, two seconds and a third.

The Knights have the region's No. 1 singles champion in sophomore Kristina Doerr. The powerful server lost only one game in two matches Friday and easily dispatched defending region champion Kaitlyn Craig of Pleasant Grove, 6-0, 6-0.

"I got a little bit nervous for a few minutes, but then I calmed down and closed it out the way I wanted to, and that was win the finals, 6-0, 6-0," Doerr said.

Doerr not only coasted through the region finals but had little resistance during the regular season — winning all 32 sets she played and losing only 17 games all season. She's a strong favorite to win the Class 4A singles title next week.

"I have to be consistent, but I also have to be aggressive at the same time," Doerr said of her chances for a state crown.

Lone Peak's Emily Sheffield and Lindsay Bohne won the No. 2 doubles crown by defeating Orem's Stacee Rowley and Michelle Peterson, 6-1, 2-6, 6-3. The Tigers were led by the No. 2 singles win of Ashlee Gardner, who beat Kristi Hight of Lone Peak, 6-3, 6-4, and the No. 3 singles victory of Rebekah Valek, who knocked off Kim Bushnell of Mountain View in a total-turnaround match, 6-0, 0-6, 6-1.

Pleasant Grove's two-sport star twosome of Kortney Robinson and Allyce Wilson held off Lone Peak's Stephanie Zwick and Nicki Bohne, 6-4, 6-2, to win the No. 1 doubles crown.

The Region 6 tennis finals, like the regular season, belonged to the Springville Red Devils and Timpview Thunderbirds. Springville won four individual titles. Timpview won the other and had three second-place finishes.

The Red Devils' Daniella Galbraith, still undefeated on the year, won the No. 1 singles title over Lauren McGuire of Timpview. Springville's Jamie Johnson defeated Chelsie Miller of Spanish Fork for the No. 2 singles crown, with her teammate Lindsay Nance knocking off Cydne Baird of Timpview for the No. 3 singles title. Nance also hasn't lost a match this season.

Kellie Baxter and McKell Murdock gave the Red Devils another win in No. 1 doubles with a victory over Kelsi Dobson and Amanda Oertle of Timpview. The Thunderbirds got their lone win in No. 2 doubles, where Emily Mott and Kelsey Dahl topped Jayneann Stewart and Jessica Lee of Spanish Fork.

Region 6 tennis

No. 1 singles: 1. Daniella Galbraith, Springville; 2. Lauren McGuire, Timpview; 3. Lindsay Johnson, Spanish Fork; 4. Kaci Krommenhoek, American Fork

No. 2 singles: 1. Jamie Johnson, Springville; 2. Chelsie Miller, Spanish Fork; 3. Stephanie Norton, Timpview; 4. Tessa Washburn, Provo

No. 3 singles: 1. Lindsay Nance, Springville; 2. Cydne Baird, Timpview; 3. Whitni Lunt, Payson; 4. Justine Ross, Spanish Fork

No. 1 doubles: 1. Kellie Baxter and McKell Murdock, Springville; 2. Kelsi Dobson and Amanda Oertle, Timpview; 3. Natalie Huff and Monica Stamm, Spanish Fork; 4. Shantell Pendelton and Ulrike Nestler, Provo

No. 2 doubles: 1. Emily Mott and Kelsey Dahl, Timpview; 2. Jayneann Stewart and Jessica Lee, Spanish Fork; 3. Teri Reeser and Debra Anderson, Provo; 4. Angela Kroneberger and Anna Simpson, Springville

Region 7 tennis

No. 1 singles: 1. Kristina Doerr, Lone Peak; 2. Kaitlyn Craig, Pleasant Grove; 3. Bridgett Strickland, Mountain View; 4. Ashlee Johnson, Pleasant Grove

No. 2 singles: 1. Ashlee Gardner, Orem; 2. Kristi Hight, Lone Peak; 3. Colette Covey, Timpanogos; 4. Brooke Tenney, Mountain View

No. 3 singles: 1. Rebekah Valek, Orem; 2. Kim Bushnell, Mountain View; 3. Rachel Martin, Lone Peak; 4. Kaitlin Stewart, Timpanogos

No. 1 doubles: 1. Kortney Robinson and Allyce Wilson, Pleasant Grove; 2. Stephanie Zwick and Nicki Bohne, Lone Peak; 3. Nicole Clark and Ashley Call, Orem; 4. Staci Spencer and Dani Whittaker, Mountain View

No. 2 doubles: 1. Emily Sheffield and Lindsay Bohne, Lone Peak; 2. Stacee Rowley and Michelle Peterson, Orem; 3. Aruna Mizuno and Tricia Terry, Timpanogos; 4. Heather Cramer and Amber Robinson, Mountain View